Jan Arcilla
Fabulous olive oils and balsamic vinegars; also really beautiful olive wood gifts. Unique and exceptional store!!
Lisa Piazza
The oils are amazing 🙌🏼🙌🏼 and Jan is always happy and enthusiastic to share the story of the oils’ origination and pour samples until you know just what you want to take home. She knows the products well and makes great recommendations! And, she brings excitement to the experience and it’s easy to see her love for the products in the store. She has a sweet and sincere energy, genuine and friendly, and it’s always a pleasure to shop with her!
M. Santos
OK - I admit it: I'm an oil snob! We move a lot - and I always find a local oil/vinegar store to feed my "habit." Zarzis is my latest "dealer." Not only do they have terrific oils, but a beautiful array of olive wood dishes. The staff is helpful and always have a smile.
Paul and Mandy David
We purchased 5 different oils and balsamic. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them all.....if we had to pick a fav from each....we absolutely love the cucumber lemon balsamic...we use that for salad dressing and it is amazing. Out of the oils, our favorite is the garlic oil. It is awesome to cook with and we look to mix the garlic oil with the fig balsamic and a little parmesan cheese and use to for dipping bread while enjoying Italian food. I would highly recommend this company. The customer service is just as amazing as the product itself.
Karina Barberena
My boyfriend and I just checked this place out, it’s like my candy store! Lazar was so nice and he had us try the bruschetta and all different olive oils, lemon, garlic, rosemary and basil olive oils with bread. Such an amazing experience.
Sarah M
Fantastic selection of oils and balsamics! Everything we tried was incredible, it was hard to choose. The owner was so kind and took a lot of time to show my husband and I the different flavors and explain everything. We’ll definitely be back!
Jason Miller
Today was my very First Time walking into this Store. I was with a friend of mine and she mentioned she had a kitchen Spoon made from the branch of an Olive Tree. My Husband and I enjoy cooking and I thought what a neat item to have; so we walked in to see what they had. They had more than I had imagined! To our delight they had many kitchen items made from Olive Trees, not to mention the extensive selection of Olive Oils. The young lady managing the boutique was quite knowledgeable, she was kind enough to educate me on the care of there beautiful utensils. I purchased a Large Spoon and a Small bottle of Garlic Olive Oil. She offered me the opportunity to try the Olive Oil with some bread before I purchased. Due to time constraints I respectfully declined however I am excited to try this at home at our first opportunity! I will most definitely be back!